Leveraging Off Season to prepare for Peak Season

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It has been a cold and rainy spring so far in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area. With that being said, it makes for a great time of year to prepare your Airbnb for the upcoming summer season which is right around the corner. The off season is the perfect time to start getting your Airbnb ready before the chaos of peak season starts. Once it hits you may be too busy to take care of the small things that can easily be done in preparation for the peak season.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your Short Term Rental for your peak season.

Deep Clean and Property Maintenance

The months leading into summer are a great time to do a spring deep clean of your unit. Spring comes on the heels of a busy winter season with lots of guests checking in and out. As a result, your Short Term Rental my need some extra love to prepare it for the summer season. Items to tackle include wiping down all the baseboards, wiping out the kitchen cabinets and drawers, touching up the paint, and doing furniture repairs etc.

Update your Listing

Use the off season to go through your listing. Update any info that may be outdated. Have you replaced furniture? Painted? If so this may be a perfect time to update photos, especially if the old ones no longer represent your property accurately. Take a look at your summer calendar, is it filling up? Optimize your calendar to drive higher occupancy.

Stock up on Supplies

Off season is a great time to stock up on supplies. During the peak season you will need more supplies. Spend some time going through your supply closet to determine what you need to buy and try buying those items in bulk to save money. Good items to make sure you have lots of are toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, coffee, tea etc. Perhaps a Costco run would be ideal!

Appliances and Air Conditioning

Make sure all your appliances are in good working condition. The last thing you want is for one of them to break down over your busy season. It is also a good time to ensure your Air Conditioning is working for the summer months. In the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area, it has most likely been turned off for a few months now. Use the slower months to do any maintenance should it be required. Guests will not be happy if they arrive to a broken air conditioner.

Know your Busy Days

In order to plan for your peak season, you first need to understand when your peak season begins and ends. Do you know what events are happening in your area? Do you know what attracts your guests to your Airbnb location? For example, in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area the summer kicks off over the Canada Day weekend with lots of events throughout Blue Mountain and Collingwood. It is a very busy weekend which means that you can increase your nightly rates during this time. Make sure to take advantage of your peak season to maximize your occupancy and nightly rates.

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