Airbnb Essentials

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Making sure your guests have a fantastic stay at your place is essential to the overall guest experience. You need to ensure that your guests have everything they need.

Some of the items may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many Short Term Rental properties in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain Area miss them.

Everyday Essentials


A hairdryer is a nice convenience for guests who are travelling. Purchase a basic hairdryer for the bathroom, it needs to be functional not fancy.

Coffee Maker and Kettle

We recommend our clients purchase a coffee maker and kettle for their unit. We are huge fans of the Keurig. Leave enough coffee and tea for your guests to kick start their vacation. You don’t need to provide for the whole stay, but definitely for the first day or two!

Iron and Ironing Board

If you have guests that are travelling for work, weddings or other functions, leave an iron and ironing board for them to use. That way they can look their best when they need to.


Provide reliable Wi-Fi for your guests. It is important you have the best services available in your area. Shop the different companies and options for the unlimited internet package, this will help avoid going over budget on your bill. Wi-Fi is a necessity these days, and not having reliable service could potentially lead to bad reviews.

Charging Cables

Make it easy for your guests to charge their devices. Provide extension cords for additional outlets in the bedrooms and living rooms for easy access and charging. Also providing a few additional charging cables will help guests when they have forgotten theirs at home.

White Linens and Towels

Provide clean, good quality linens and towels, and make sure you update them should they become stained or frayed. You want your guests to feel clean and comfortable in your place.

Play Pen and High Chair

Hosting families? We recommend offering a play pen and high chair for their stay. This helps guests reduce the amount they have to pack while travelling with a young family.

Safety Essentials

Fire Extinguisher

Your place should have a working fire extinguisher. We suggest keeping it in the kitchen under the sink. Note the location of the Fire extinguisher in your welcome binder so guests know where to find it in an emergency.

Smoke Detector

Equip your place with working smoke detectors. These will ensure that both your property and your guests are safe! We recommend checking them quarterly and changing the batteries to ensure they are in working condition.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

This is just as important as a smoke detector. They should be checked quarterly and batteries changed to ensure they are in working condition.

First Aid Kit

Make sure you provide your guests with the necessary items to take care of minor medical issues. Purchase a First Aid kit and leave it in the Kitchen or Bathroom. Note the location of the First Aid Kit in your welcome binder so guests know where to find it.

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