How to make your Airbnb Stand out

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There are over 300+ Airbnb properties in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area. This means your Airbnb listing is important to the success of your Short Term Rental.

We help our clients by creating and managing their listings to improve bookings and boost occupancy. We ensure our listings stand out amongst the others. We have put together the following tips on how you can make your Airbnb Listing Stand Out.

Target Guest

You need to understand the market in which your Short Term Rental property is located. Who is travelling to your area and who would you like to attract to your space? If you are tailoring your place to families, you should provide play pens, high chairs, and plastic dishes, as well as showcase family friendly activities in the area. If you are targeting business travellers, offer a work space with a desk or surface to setup their laptop.

Listing Title

Come up with a unique title for your listing that highlights your property. It will be one of the first things your potential guests will see. Think of a title that shows off your property’s best features or amenities. Feel free to update your title depending on the season or activities going on in your area.


Make sure to write a good listing description for your property. The description needs to be thorough and to the point. Guests looking for accommodations want to be able to find the information they need to book quickly and easily. If your description is incomplete or too lengthy a guest might give up on your property and explore other options.

The key is to keep your listing description thorough but concise, so guests understand what they are getting while also making the process of booking easy. If a guest has clicked on your listing that is a great sign, so don’t let your description scare them away.

Professional Photos

We believe this is the most important part of your Airbnb listing. Guests want to see pictures of the place they are looking to book. High resolution photos will help you increase your bookings and maximize your profits. Make sure your photographer takes pictures of all rooms in your place including any outdoor space. Finding a photographer that specializes in Real Estate photos is key, they will understand the proper lighting and angles required to capture the best photos. 


Make sure you highlight all of your property’s amenities. Guest want to know what is included in their booking. Make sure to list all things such as hair dryer, coffee maker, washer and dryer, iron, fireplace, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym etc.

Hosting Blue can help you boost your listing to generate higher occupancy and overall profits. Contact us today for more information. We’d love to chat!