How to Maximize Airbnb Occupancy During the Off Season


All resort towns have peak seasons and off-seasons. Collingwood and Blue Mountain are no different and Airbnb hosts deal with the same challenges as hotels and resorts. Ski season is coming to an end in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood Area, so this is when we start seeing a transition to off season. April and May tend to slow down before they pick up again for the summer months. Managing the off season is key to the overall financial success of your Airbnb business.

Off-Season Vs. Peak Season

As an Airbnb host, It is important that you understand your local peak season and off-season to better manage your listing and pricing in an effort to maximize occupancy and profits.

Off-Season is the time of year when tourism slows and the number of potential Airbnb guests decreases. In Blue Mountain and Collingwood this tends to be April and May and again in November through to early December.

Peak Season is the time of year when tourism is at its peak and you find yourself running around trying to stay on top of all your bookings. We certainly see this in the summer, winter and early fall months in Blue Mountain and Collingwood.

Hosting Blue recommends the following tips that we have found successful in managing our airbnb listings during the slower months.

Price Optimization

This time of the year we often see hotels in Blue Mountain offer specials especially for mid week stays, free nights when you book 2 nights or more, 50% off etc. Adjusting your price based on demand is important. Lowering your nightly rates during the off season, offering a discount or free night can all help drive guests to your Airbnb, which will boost occupancy and overall profits.

Updating Minimum Night Stay

Consider lowering your minimum stay during the off season. This gives guests more options when booking and makes your listing more attractive for guests when demand is low.

Incentives to Returning Guests

We love hosting guests, especially ones that have stayed with us before. The off-season is a great time to invite previous guests to return to the area and enjoy another trip to your wonderful accommodations. Try offering them discounted rates, or a free night with a two or more night reservation.

Host an Experience

Experiences on Airbnb are becoming more and more popular. Consider hosting a local experience that highlights some of the wonderful activities and events that Collingwood and Blue Mountain have to offer.

Putting together a plan to maximize occupancy when your Airbnb is in the off season will help you keep your Airbnb booked year round.

Want to increase your off season occupancy? We’d love to chat!